Parents Notice Board

With details of timings, session activities and what to bring to preschool
Session Times & Details

Single sessions

Children arriving for an afternoon session need to do so by 11.50 to enable us to go over to the school hall for lunch before the older children.  If you are collecting your child at lunch time please could you do so by 11.50.


Children who are at Sparklers all day or for afternoon sessions can bring a packed lunch or can sign up for school dinners. The school dinners offer a number of options each day via an online system, school grid/Dolce.


Parents need to sign their child up for school dinner as a minimum the night before, although you can sign up for weeks or terms at a time. Please do make sure to sign your child up if you intend them to have school dinners - mornings can be very busy and staff do not have time to check every child's lunch plans. Children who are bringing packed lunch need to bear in mind our healthy eating policy. Please also note our nut policy here.



Can parents please note that pick-up time for a normal Sparklers day is 3pm. We understand that parents are occasionally delayed en route to the school but please can you make every effort to pick your child/ren up promptly. Please call us if you are delayed for any reason.

Staff need to be informed of any changes to planned pick up. We have a password system in place. We will not allow a child to leave with anyone unexpected without prior agreement. 


What to bring
Every Sparklers child needs to have a bag of spare clothes - this can be left on their peg in the foyer if helpful. 


Any child in nappies also needs to have nappies, nappy bags and wipes in their bag to enable staff to provide suitable care for your child throughout the day - or you can supply staff with a big pack of these items which they can store on-site for your child.

Please can every child have a pair of wellies with them each day to change into for going outdoors. 


All children need to bring a bottle of water which they have free access to during the day.

Please can parents make sure ALL clothes are labelled (initials written in biro on the label is fine). It is tricky changing for PE (and other activities). The children put their clothes all over the place and it can be hard for staff to keep track of what belongs to whom. Items that are labelled can easily be reunited with their owner.

Key Person

Please make yourself aware of who your child's key person is so you can discuss your child's activities and any concerns with them. If you are not sure who this person is there are lists up on the wall by the register.

A terms notice is required for withdrawal of a child to prevent complications with funding. Holidays can of course be taken in term time but there will be no refund for sessions missed.


Refunds in the event of illness cannot be made.

Sparklers is a charity and prompt payment of invoices helps us meet our costs effectively. Our terms state payment should be made within 7 days of receipt of the invoice.


If you have any invoicing queries, please email us at


Notice Period

We require a terms notice if you are considering taking your child out of Sparklers.

Sparklers clothing
We have various Sparklers t-shirts, sweat-shirts and bags which you can buy for your child. We find the children often like the idea of having some 'uniform' and the sense of belonging to the group this can create.

Book Bag

We encourage our children to take books home to share. You can purchase a Sparklers book bag for £5.


Just a couple of reminders, Friday morning is our PE slot in the school hall. For ease of movement and in preparation for school the children are encouraged to change into their PE kit - t-shirt and shorts. Please can Friday morning parents remember to supply their children with named spare t-shirt and shorts for PE.